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Prestige Duct Cleaning, established in 1995 is owned and operated by local resident Brendan McInerney, who is dedicated to providing healthier indoor living environments to homes in and around the Shire of Nillumbik at affordable prices.

We all do our best to ensure our families live in the safest environment possible however tend to overlook the obvious dangers associated with dirty heating and cooling ducts. Cleaning ducts not only lowers operation costs but also aids in fire prevention, eliminates dust mites, and helps to prevent asthma and other allergies.

Prestige Duct Cleaning specialise in cleaning domestic heating and cooling systems using the latest technology and equipment to provide a thorough clean to the return air supply duct, heating and cooling unit, fan and motor and all other connecting duct work. In addition, upon completion of the cleaning process the entire system is then sanitised using an environmentally safe natural tea tree product, ensuring your home is left cleaner and healthier.

Brendan can also undertake minor repairs to any damaged ducts and can advise on the condition of your ductwork, he holds a Class 'S', restricted electrical licence allowing him to disconnect and reconnect wiring and eliminating the need to hire an electrician if required.

Brendan endeavours to provide a professional, reliable and courteous service to customers at all times.

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